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Facebook Posting Privacy


facebook privacy

I recall a family get together where a few family members were joking about how some of them aren't "special" enough to see anything on my facebook wall as they were all comparing what types of information they were able to dig off my page. Then it became a joke... who is special enough to get my updates, Kim's inner circle, etc. Now, with Social Marketing on your business page you will not want to block any visitors, but it is wise to consider privacy on your personal accounts, especially if you don't want your clients to judge your company based on your political views, what items you post or like etc.

So as Facebook has evolved there are more and more privacy options but many close to me have still been inquiring on how I protect some information. This tutorial will only teach you how to select who you would like to view your posts by default.

  1. On the left narrow column of your Facebook page scroll to the bottom of the content there and click "more" so that the entirety of the left column content is visible.
  2. Hover over the title "friends" and click the "more" link to the right of the title.
  3. At the top of the friends page click "create list".
  4. Type the name of your default viewers list... for example "people i trust" or "kim's inner circle" or "special people", type in names of people you want to allow in the members block and click create.
  5. Click the arrow at the top right of the facebook page and select "privacy settings"
  6. Under "control your default privacy" select custom.
  7. When the box pops up asking for your "make visible to these people or lists" select "specific people or lists"
  8. In the block underneath type your list that you created above in step 4 and click enter. you can disclude in the lower portion specific people or lists as well.
  9. Click save changes
  10. Feel free to play around with other settings under privacy but that would be another tutorial.
  11. Keep in mind that each post can have the audience changed post by post by clicking the "custom" widget on the bottom of the posting block and changing which list or people can see it.

So go hide your posts and protect your privacy and that of your family!


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