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"Email has an ability many channels dont: creating valuable, personal touches - at scale"

Email Marketing is the process of gathering email addresses from your clients or potential clients, creating emails with the intent to engage, intrigue, and entice the user to your product. Remember that signing up for a newsletter is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Your current database of email addresses is one of your company's most valuable resources. Reaching out to them in a non-spammy manor and reminding them that you are there, that you offer the services that you do, and that you have value is a prime way to build your relationships and increase your profits. Often a potential client will see your email and remember something they wanted you to quote. Or they will have almost purchased from someone else but you remind them of your value in the nick of time.

The more you work with Kim and her team the more you appreciate the work, from what is delivered and the manner on which the project is handled. Our team continues to be amazed at the quality and the efficiency in anything that they do. GREAT in every detail within every part of the process.
- Gary Sheerin (Cyber Horror)

Remember that your most valuable resource may be your existing clients and most importantly their emails. While you want to treat these email addresses that you may have procured in your database like the precious gem they are and certainly not abuse the privelege your client's afford you, you most certainly should be using those email addresses to maintain the relationships you have with your clients and to increase the probability that they will use you again. A consistent and balanced schedule of emails will keep your brand in your client's mind and not only increase your chances of their repeat business, but increase your chances of a referral when a friend asks them for a reference. While most small business owners do not have the time or resources to organize, write, and mail these regularly, Foo Web Development can assist you with this need. Our experience with email marketing provides us with a headstart to get your newsletter to receive an optimal Return on Investment. Email us today for more information about our Email Marketing Campaigns.

Foowebs can set up an email marketing campaign for you, manage your subscribers, design your mailers, gather your content, and mail out the campaigns. The costs above are to foowebs for email management and do not include subscriptions to mailing services which vary depending on your subscriber count.

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