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20 Tips To Create Successful Email Campaigns


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Most of us receive quite a few emails in our inbox on a standard day. How do we determine what to read and what to delete? How do we determine once we open one if we will click on to read more, click links to a website, or otherwise interact with the sender? Lets examine a few things that will help your email campaigns become more successful by enticing a chain of interactions.

Overall Email Campaign Tips

Keep it Short - If your email is too long or wordy your readers will be overwhelmed and tired of it. So try and keep the email itself short and the content inside short blurbs that provide value but entice the reader to read on. Have you ever received one of those forward email jokes that seem to go on and on and on? Are you more inclined to read that or a quick photo or punchline that looks interesting?


Minimize your Images - while appealing images will make your emails look plenty nicer - you will want to not use too many photos. Remember that some people will click to allow for images to be downloaded - if they don't do you want half of your email to disappear? Also too many images will take up bandwidth of the reader and can slow down their view which may turn into a delete click.


Proofread Your Email - you will want to make sure that you don't have typos or misspelled words or other obvious errors. We all make mistakes - even with proofreading. Without proofreading the recurrence of errors increases and you that sullies your reputation.


Test Your Email - Make sure that you test the format of your email on various monitors and devices. One of the most common mistakes that people make with email marketing is neglecting to design for mobile devices. This is a really big problem considering the high percent of email reads that are done on mobile devices. You will also want to test all of your links and make sure that they go where you want them to go. Each click is so valuable and if your visitor clicks and gets the wrong or a dead page you are wasting such a valuable interaction.


Put your name in the from line of the email instead of a company name or generic email address. This makes your email more personal and lends your credibility to it.


Title Writing Email Campaign Tips

Use Emotional or Weird Words - Using words of emotion or weird uncommon words will psychologically grab the attention of the reader. Using words in the title that make the reader feel or be curious or even be startled will often elicit the click that you are looking for.


Use Numbers - For some reason (especially with logic heavy brains) numbers are attention grabbing. Perhaps because they are not the common character in an email. Perhaps because logic heavy brains just love numbers. Either way - numbers are shown to increase click from titles.


Keep It Simple - Don't make your titles too long or confusing. With a simple title, the reader will understand what they will get if they make the click.


Promise Something in The Title - While this may seem an obvious point, many emails that have valuable contents come with a title that leaves much to be desired. Without knowing that there is something valuable beyond the click - many readers will hit that delete button and move on.


Content Writing Email Campaign Tips

Dont Be The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Only send an email campaign when you have something valuable to share. If you email your clients every day regardless of whether you have something to say, then your clients will know. They will get bored. And not will they only delete but they may unsubscribe or worse mark you as spam. Do you have a coupon, or gift, or content that they will be interested to read? If not - make certain that what you are sending has value and will show itself worthy of the time that they invested in reading it.


Be Helpful and Generous - Your emails are interrupting your reader's regularly scheduled programming. So consider that they are investing time with you and that is a gift. So.. Be helpful. Be generous. Be friendly. Give instead of receiving. Share tips that can help them, offer discounts and gifts, and thank them for their time.


Write To A Friend Not A Client - When you receive an email from a friend are you excited to read it? When you receive an email that is cold, impersonal, and professional are you quick to click the delete button? So when you are writing up your email copy think as if you are writing to a friend not strangers. There is a balance of casual professionalism that will make the reader feel included and interested.


Empathize With Your Readers - Show them that you understand their struggles and if you have solutions for them, then present your solutions in a way that shows that you understand their needs.


Keep your content short, punchy, and enticing. The purpose of this email is to give content in a pithy manner and entice them to click links. So - say what you can in a short amount of words and make it clear what they will get if they click.


Add Personality To Your Email Content - A generic voice will be tuned out like the ads on the side of websites. So put your personality in to your voice and show the personal touch that your company offers. It is situations like this that a small business has an edge.


Use the Word You and not We. Using the word you makes the reader feel like they them self are being considered. Using the word WE makes a subconscious atmosphere of being company focused not reader focused which makes them less interested.


Don't Sell Too Much - If your emails are all about selling your products then you will not be providing much value to your readers. Also they will feel "sold". They will feel as if they are reading an infomercial and will click delete faster than your photos load. Even if the product is valuable and as amazing as you say, no one wants to feel sold and will usually lose interest long before they realize the value of your product.


Present A Clear Deadline - if you show some sense of urgency so that the reader feels like there is a time period that the offers will no longer exist then they will be more inclined to take action. Whereas if no expiration comes to your coupons they may put them in the "one day" file and never actually move to the point of sale. So use dates and follow them.


Insert Multiple Links To The Same Places - Since different people are more inclined to click on different types or wording of links, it is advisable to use at least two links for every location that you would like your readers to end up on. This is a way that you can increase your clicks and potentially convert more readers to interactions.


Add Something Fun and Interesting - Surprise your readers with a contest or cartoon or something fun and special. This goes back to number 11 but will definitely give your readers something to look forward to.


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