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Social Photography :: Image Size Requirements for Social Media


Do you want more customers? One of the best ways to reach this goal is through social marketing. The images on your profile page build an impression for your brand, for better or worse.

To tailor pictures to sell your company, you need to know the specific dimensions of top social media sites. Be it there headers, profile images or the images you share to your customers. If you don’t you could risk looking unprofessional.

Below is a Guide for Social Media Images



Almost everyone has a Facebook page, so if you want to reach the masses, this is where to set up your business. There are a few key facts to remember when posting on Facebook, using numbers, # symbols and catchy headlines are one thing, but remember not to include a long URL with your image. It looks ugly and takes away from the beautiful, eye catching image you are bound to use with the following sizing guides. Several websites will shorten your URL for you. Sept 2015 brought updates to the profile pictures and buttons on the Facebook page.

The Cover photo

  • Appears on Destop as: Uploads at 851x315 pixels
  • Appears on Smartphone as: 640x360 pixels

The Profile Picture

  • Optimal size: 180x180 pixels
  • Appears on Desktop as: 160x160 pixels
  • Appears on Smartphone as: 140x140 pixels

Shared Images

  • Optimal size: 1200 X 630 pixels
  • Appears on Desktop as: 400x209 pixels
  • Appears on Smartphone as: 560 X 292 pixels
  • Appears in a Feed as: Max 470 pixels width or height

Shared link

  • Optimal size: 1200x630 pixels
  • Appears in a feed (square photo) as: 154x154 pixels
  • Appears on page (square photo) as: 116x116 pixels
  • Appears on a feed (rectangle photo) as: 470x246 pixels
  • Appears on page (rectangle photo) as: 484x252 pixels

Highlighted Image

  • Optimal size: 1200x717 pixels
  • Appears on Desktop as: 843x504 pixels



Twitter users are accustomed to short bursts of information and what’s the quickest way to grab attention? By using an image. One way to create fast and easy text, over image picture, is by using BeFunky.

According to the twitter website ‘you may include up to 4 photos or 1 animated GIF or 1 video in a Tweet’.

A recent change in January 2016 means twitter images are no longer cropped to a horizontal in the stream, but are seen in full and at max size appear as a square.

Here is the guide to their sizing:

Header Image:

  • Appears on Desktop as: 1500x1500 pixels
  • The image must be no larger than 5mb

Profile Photo:

  • Optimal size: 400x400 pixels
  • Appears on Displays as: 200x200 pixels
  • The image must be no larger than 2mb

Background Image:

  • This image at maximum can be: 2500x1600 pixels
  • If you upload smaller than the above pixels fade out the edges so it looks great on all monitors:
  • This image cannot be stretched to fit
  • The image must be no larger than 2mb

Tweeted Image:

  • This image at maximum can be: 1024 x 512 pixels
  • Appears in a stream on a desktop as: 440x220 pixels
  • The image must be no larger than 5mb
  • The GIF must be no larger than 3mb



LinkedIn is great for creating a customized resume, where you not only tell people what you do, but show them. The descriptions of the pages images are not as clear cut as other sites. The background image works best as a header for example.

As of July 2015 your logo can no longer be horizontal.

Here is an up to date list on the sizing requirements for LinkedIn.

Header (background) Image:

  • This image at maximum can be: 1500x1500 pixels
  • Appears on a Desktop as: 974x300 pixels

Banner/Cover photo:

  • This image at minimum can be: 646x220 pixels
  • The image must be no larger than 2mb

Logo Image

  • Appears on your page as: 100x60 pixels
  • Appears as a square when searched as: 50x50 pixels
  • The image must be no larger than 2mb

Status or Blog Post

  • Optimal size: 698 x 400 pixels



Pinterest is a whole lot of images, so how can you pick the best size for your pin? Creating a great sized Pinterest image for your blog post can blow your competition out of the water.

Here is a style guide to help you stand out on Pinterest.

Profile Photo

  • Appears on a Desktop as: 165x165 pixels
  • Appears on the rest of the site as: 32x32 pixels
  • The image must not be larger than 10mb


  • The large thumbnail appears as: 222x150 pixels
  • The smaller thumbnail appears as: 50x50 pixels

Pin Sizes

  • Optimal size: 736x1104 pixels
  • Pins on the main page and board appears as: 236 pixels in width, with a scaled height
  • Expanded pins appear as: 600 pixels in width, with a scaled height

Looking your best on a social media site is important for your company. It can set the foundation and tone for your entire company’s career and is an invaluable tool for the modern day business owner.


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