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How To Convert Your Google Adwords Account to an MCC Account


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I ran into a little problem today with Adwords account management and thought that I would share my path to resolution. I was unable to get a reasonable resolution after calling Google Adwords support and had to come up with a better solution on my own. Due to that - I thought there may be others who run in to the same thing.

I had an Adwords account that I wanted to convert to a Google Adwords MCC account. If you are unaware - an MCC account is an Adwords account that has the ability to manage multiple adwords accounts on other profiles. You can group and daisy chain Adwords accounts under these to manage them with multiple accounts. This allows an agency to log in to their client's accounts to manage them without having to log in to each client account. The problem is that there is no clear path to this via Google. There is no button or form that will modify an existing Adwords Account. There is also no clear way to delete an Adwords account in order to create a new account that is MCC. I had tried the "cancel adwords account" option in Adwords preferences but this did not cancel the account but stop any running ads.

When I called Google they suggested that I fill out a form for them to detach the email from the existing Adwords account. They also informed me that it normally takes a few days to happen but due to the holiday it could take a week or more. Since I am a "right now" kind of person - I decided to take a different route. This works (currently at least) so give it a whirl if you are in the same situation with your AdWords accounts.

  1. Create a new gmail account for an adwords free placeholder.
  2. Log out
  3. Log in to your primary AdWords account and go to My Account ->Account Access. 
  4. Add the placeholder gmail account that you created in step 1 as an Admin
  5. Complete all the confirmation emails and confirmation alerts
  6. Log in to your placeholder account and delete the primary AdWords user from the account.
  7. Go to http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwords/myclientcenter/ and create a new MCC account
  8. Your account is now MCC instead of Adwords

Now this is all I had to do because my AdWords account was not being used. However if you need to get that old account back under your MCC account you can log in to your MCC account and click "link existing account" on the front page and follow the steps to add your account on the placeholder account back in to your MCC fold.

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Hope this helps! Adword On!

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