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10 Ways to Target Local Clients with your Website


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Some business owners provide services or products to clients around the world. And a few lucky small business owners get to sell to their own community. If you happen to fall in to this category, then make use of these 10 ways we suggest for you to use your website to get more local clients via internet marketing.

Optimize your Local Keywords.

Determine the areas you want to target and make a list. Consider the terms locals may use when searching for businesses in your area in case they are not the official area names. Using Keyword Tools can help you optimize the keywords.

Add Local Keywords to your Meta Titles.

Ensuring that your meta titles are original and relevant to the content on your page, you can put your local keywords in to these titles to ensure that the search engines consider your local keywords when users search for them.

Create Local Landing Pages.

You can create pages on your site that provide information specific to your local area and use those local landing pages to optimize for specific areas using your local keywords, meta titles, and page content and headers. This is an ideal tool when you serve more than one area.

Add your Company Address to the bottom of each page.

Your footer probably holds information such as a copyright notice, credits to the web dev, phone number, etc. But including your address at the bottom of each page (especially when that address includes a city that you are targeting for local clients) helps the search engines to know that you are located in that city.

Add Local Keywords to your Page Content.

Ensure that your page content lists your local keyword at least once or twice. This will ensure that Google knows that you are referring to it not by mistake but multiple times to direct that the content of the site would show up on google queries of the same.

Add Local Revelant Information.

Whether it is information about your city or information about what you do in the city - it is good to have local information on the website to further imprint upon Google that your company should be considered for that particular area but especially when that keyword is used.

Create a Google Local Page.

By creating your Google Local Business page (or perhaps google+), you are ensuring that people using the local app on their mobile devices or the local website when researching on their desktop, that you will show up. It also creates a handy place for reviews to be written. Be sure to add as much information about your business as possible and include many images to give the user a real picture of who and where you are.

Encourage your clients to post reviews about your business on Google Local or other internet resources.

This allows others (whether people they know or not) to see that someone has had a good experience with you. Encourage your clients to be comfortable whether the review is negative or positive in posting on the internet. Even negative reviews can show how you resolve a negative situation.

Purchase Geo-Targeted AdWord Campaigns.

Few and far between are print campaigns with the ROI of AdWords. A primary reason for this is the ability to really target into your potential client with adWords.. Including geo-targetting. If you sell your product only in a particular area, then you can set AdWords to only show ads to people in that particular area. This is a great way to bring local traffic to your website.

Ask Local Organizations to list your website on theirs.

Some ideas are chambers of commerce, local business groups, local directories of business, local newspaper website, yelp, foursquare, partners, vendors, friends who have websites.

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