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Top 5 Laptop Cases for the Small Business Owner


laptop case small business owner

As a small business owner myself, I understand some of the needs of other small business owners. You need the right equipment so functionality is imperative - but design is also a consideration. When you walk in to that business meeting with your ripped laptop case or your an old backpack from college... well it just doesn't have the same presentation as walking in with a professional bag to hold your tech items. Here are five of the hottest bags that you may need to walk in to your next meeting. 

  1.  Messenger Bag Winner

    Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger Bag
    This bag has been on my radar for a while now. Unfortunately I already have a google messenger bag that I quite like. This bag is sleek, efficient, and easy to carry and a top contender for a laptop case especially for a business owner on the go.
  2. Trendy Bag Winner

    Bombata Doppio Laptop Briefcase
    This european style briefcase is the bees knees and puts a little color in to what is often a bland world. If style is important to you and your business, then perhaps this is the bag that should carry your laptop.
  3. Briefcase Winner

    Ben Sherman Mens Miners Briefcase
    This distinctive briefcase seems to shout power and professionalism. It is a modern take on an ideal bag for the workplace.
  4. For the Ladies Laptop Case Winner

    Vera Bradley Neoprene Laptop Case
    Lets take a good look at this bag. Are you a woman? Do you have a laptop? If you answer yes to both of those questions - then hurry and buy one of these bags. I spent a couple weeks researching the best case for my 15.6" laptop and in the end this answered everything that I was looking for. I wanted something minimal, protective, with handles - and when this came in the mail I literally shrieked with excitement as I watched my laptop slide easily into this perfectly sized and crafted case. I have nothing more to say. If you are a woman then you need this bag. If you are a man - I would dye it some manly color and use it anyhow. I have found nothing to compare. Well aside from these other four that I would settle for if I were a man. This case allows you to slip your laptop inside and in addition to the extra room in the bag for a file or two - there is also a small front pocket for anything additional that you may need to carry.
  5. For the Gentlemen Laptop Case Winner

    Mind Your Own Business Laptop Case
    This Kenneth Cole bag shouts clean lines and beautiful construction. It boasts roomy compartments and a manly style.

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