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Beth on a Diet.

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5 out of 5 stars

I just finished a project with the wonderful assistance of Foo Web Development and just have to say how thrilled I was with their service! I honestly had NO idea what I was doing (still dont!), but was never treated like my questions were dumb or redundant. They really helped to lay out everything in "plain English" as far as steps I needed to take and what I needed to do next. I would often marvel that we were separated by a thousand miles, because it felt as though they were a company that was located right in my hometown. I would recommend them for any Web Design project you are considering!

Beth on a Diet had discovered us from blogs that they enjoyed reading that we also designed. When they contacted us we were excited about the idea of working with someone passionate about nutrition and exercise... as computer nerds we can always use to learn about becoming less sedentary.

The Client - Beth On a Diet exists not only to chronicle her own weight transformation, but to also encourage others while doing it.

Services Provided - web design, web development, & web hosting.

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